Braeckmans Lawyers specialises in:

Company Law

advice, guidance and mediation related to

  • company formation
  • analysis and drawing up of articles of association and shareholders' agreements
  • management agreements
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • transfer of shares and assets
  • articles of association / alteration in articles of association
  • enterprises in difficulty
  • termination of mandates of directors and supervisory directors (auditors)
  • winding up of companies: voluntary liquidation and bankruptcy
  • formation or winding up of non-profit associations or foundations
  • transformation of a non-profit association into a public limited company
  • ...


  • conflicts within companies: active assistance during general meetings of boards of directors, disputes between shareholders (partners) and/or directors (managers), e.g. exercise of rights of inspection and supervision, provisional measures in summary proceedings (e.g. provisional administrator, sequestration), forced retirement and exclusion etc.
  • internal disputes between company bodies
  • disputes at non-profit associations and foundations
  • ...

arbitration and mediation in company disputes


Family and Matrimonial Property Law

Liability Law

Law of Contracts 

Law of Inheritance and of Succession

Corporate Criminal Law

Insolvency Law

Commercial and Economic Law

The above list is not exhaustive. Phone or mail us to find out if Braeckmans Lawyers can handle your legal problem.