Tim Baes graduated in 2004 with a diploma in Law from the University of Antwerp, specialising in commercial and economic subjects. As a member of the internationally-oriented law firm Stibbe, he spent eight years focusing initially on market practices, consumer law, and consumer protection. During his career, his expertise expanded to include general commercial and business law (in disputes, contracts, and opinions). 

Tim Baes is author and member of the editorial committee of the Tijdschrift voor Belgisch Handelsrecht / Revue de Droit Commercial Belge (published by Larcier). He also regularly contributes to the legal publications of Kluwer, Biblo, Intersentia, and other publishing houses. “I think it is important for lawyers to publish based on their practical experience and client contacts, as well as dare to express a point of view”, underlines Tim Baes. “If illustrated with factual data and supported by experience, these points of view represent a valuable addition to jurisprudence and the legal theory written and taught in universities.”

Specialisations: commercial disputes, corporate disputes, consumer law, business practices, payment services, financial law, product regulations and commodities law, law of obligations and contract law, judicial law.

I received my training in a large firm, where I internalised high quality standards. Braeckmans Advocaten maintains equally high quality standards and also has other advantages due to being a small firm. Our team of lawyers and I handle personally each case we are entrusted with. We know exactly who is working on what and under what circumstances it is recommended to collaborate so we can successfully handle large and complex cases. Our core specialisations nicely complement each other, which means we can cover corporate and business law comprehensively and in depth.


Master of Law, University of Antwerp, 2004


Antwerp bar


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